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Welfare Of Women And Children


ISBN: 818516715X
ISBN 818516715X
Name of Authors Raj Bhanti
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1989
Pages 238
Language English

The present book gives a bird's eye view of the welfare programmes for women and children in operation in the state of Rajasthan. Considering children as the most important asset of the society, and the important role of women in the development of the children particularly, and the society as a whole, various plans were formulated for their welfare. The unenviable postilion of women and children have haunted the minds of social workers, social planners and administrators. The present work examines in dept the projects and programmes for betterment of women and children in Rajasthan. The backdrop of the conditions of women and children in the ancient and modern periods in India is traced briefly followed by the conceptual framework and methodological details of this study. It is followed by an account of the welfare Programmes for women and children at the national level and in Rajasthan in the private and public sector, whether under the Department of Social Welfare, the Central Social Welfare Board, the State Social Welfare Advisory Board or other voluntary institutions. The residential welfare programmes for women and children is followed by non -residential programmes. The work brings out details of the different types of services offered by the department. Int eh end there is an assessment of programmes in retrospect and in prospect, in order to realize their strengths and weaknesses and to plan in such a way as to make them more effective and beneficial in future.

(Mrs) Raj Bhanti (b. January, 1941) M.A. Social Work, M.A. History, ,.Ed. And Ph.D. is currently employed as Director of field Wprk in Udaipur School of Social Work, Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth. She started her teaching career in Sept,. 1966. She has participated in several National and International Seminars on Social Work, Women and Chil Welfare, Social Welfare, Correctional Administration etc. She served as one of the members of expert group Meeting at Kores, and visited Canada under CIDA study programme. She has been honoured with the membership of the Programme Planning Committee of IUCISD Consortium at Tokyo, Japan. She is an active member of Association and has contributed several papers to various journals at national and international seminars. Mrs. Bhanti attended Grant Fund Seminar and Symposium of International Federation of Social Workers in Sweden in July, 1988 and International Social Development Consortium at Aland, Finland where she presented a paper. She also studied social welfare programmes in Denmark and other Nordic Countries,


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