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Value Addition Of Agricultural Produce For Export Promotion


ISBN: 8179060888
ISBN 8179060888
Name of Authors Pratap Singh, R C Verma, A N Mathur , S K Jain
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 219
Language English

Processingof agricultural products is as important as crop production. The foodprocessing sector in India is one of the largest in terms of production,consumption, exports and growth prospectus. The government has accorded them ahigh priority naming them as ?rising sun industries? with a number of fiscalrelief and incentives to encourage commercialization and value addition toagricultural produce; for minimizing pre-post harvest wastage, generatingemployment and export growth. Value ?addition to food products has assumed vitalimportance in our country due to diversity in socio-economic conditions,industrial growth, urbanization and globalization. It is not merely to satisfyproducers and processor by way of higher monitory return but also with bettertaste and nutrition. Value is added by changing their form, colour and othersuch methods to increase the shelf life of perishables. Hence, there is a greatscope to extend requisite technical knowhow to agro based industrial units forthe production of value added food products. Though, with the effort ofMinistry of food Processing Industry, the growth of this sector is accelerated,however, there is need to discuss and sort put various related issues amongstpeople of various categories to increase level of value addition and improvethe quality of value added food products for domestic market as well as export.The post harvest losses in food grains as well as fruits and vegetables arevery high to the tune of 9 ? 10 per cent and 30 ? 40 per cent respectively inour country. These losses need to be reduced and value added throughappropriate food processing technology so that farmers income can be increasedfor better livelihood. To remain competitive globally, a continuous technology upgraduation becomes imperative to increase productivity and quality ofmarketable fresh/processed agricultural commodities along with decrease in unitcost of production. We need to increase our level of horticultural productsprocessing to a reasonable level of 10 per cent from the present level of only2 per cent. This is not a difficult target and can be achieved with jointeffort. In view of above, this seminar was organized to provide a forum for interactionbetween the industry, research and development institutions, consumers and notthe least, the policy makers for the future growth of value added agro basedindustrial units for export promotion. About 24 contributed technical paperswill be presented and discussed during two technical sessions including oneconcurrent session. Most of the lead papers and message have been incorporatedin the proceedings. We hope the readers would find this volume quiteinformative, useful and handy.


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