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Women And Indian Society In Feminist Fiction.


ISBN: 8179061043
ISBN 8179061043
Name of Authors Sonia Jain
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2006
Pages 183
Language English

Literature is indeed the most explicit record of the human spirit. It is a medium through which the essence of our living is made paramount by linking it to imaginative experience. Fiction by women writers constitutes a major segment of the contemporary writing in English. It provides insights, a wealth of understanding, a reservoir of meanings and a basis of discussion. Through women writer's eyes we see a different world, with their assistance we can seek to realize the potential of human achievement. Indeed the contemporary social reality has come under sharp focus from scholars and critical eyes in our times, foregrounding the destinies and predicaments of modern indain woman. This reality has to be seen, interpreted and assessed from the eyes of women. Women's angle gives us a new view of life and social realities and throws up a fresh set of values whereby we can evaluate it. I chose the given topic as I felt that these novelists relevance in to-day's Indian socio-cultural scenario is much greater than it had been before. One of the significant themes of modern literature is the depicition of cross-cultural crisis, a subject which has assumed a great significance in the present world of globalization.

Sonia Jain, a young scholar of English Literature is deeply interested in recent Inidan English Fiction, particularly women's writtings. She has done Ph.D. on the fiction of Attia Hosain, Githa Hariharan and Bharati Mukherjee from J,N, Vyas University in December, 2001. She teaches in J,N, Vyas University, Jodhpur and is engaged in serious study in new writtings of the emerging women novelists in Indian English


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