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Tribal Education


ISBN: 8185167249
ISBN 8185167249
Name of Authors Hemlata Talesra
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1989
Pages 180
Language English

The objective of the development of tribals numbering more than 500 crores is to integrate them in the national mainstream. Education is one of the instrumentalisties for the incorporation of tribals. The author makes a serious attempt to eamine the structure and role of education in accelerating the process of tribal integration. On the strength of empirical evidence she infers that the present educational system fails to deal with the problem on the idiom of distributive justice. She says that the benefits of present educational system have been mistly cornered by the tribal elited and higher income groups along with the non-tribal elites. The masses of tribals living in the interior parts of the region do not have any substantial access to the educational benefits. The author argues that some alternative model of education should be developed which could help the tribals to seek their incorporation in the regional and mainline civilization. She hazards to volunteer some alternatives also.

Dr. Hem Lata Talesra has been working in the faculty of education at the Vidya Bhawan G.S. Teachers' College, Udaipur since 1971. Her areas of specialization include Education of Weeker sections, Distance education and non formal education. She has contributed research papers to the learned journals of education. Her book publication include "Non Formal Education" and "Higher education Among Women".


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