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Tribal Development In Rajasthan


ISBN: 818516794X
ISBN 818516794X
Name of Authors M.S.Bedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1995
Pages 246
Language English

This book covers the papers and the recommendations of the two national seminars organized by the Udaipur School of Social Work on the Subjects namely? ? ? ? ? ? (i) Problems and prospects of Tribal Development in Rajasthan and (ii) Tribal Development of Rajasthan with special reference to women and children during February, 1993 and February 1994 respectively, with the financial assistance of the University Grants Commission under its Departmental Research Support(DRS) Programme, being carried by the School since March 1992 in a tribal predominant area of Girwa Tehsil in Udaipur District, in Rajasthan. It provides a review of the state and strategies of tribal development with special emphasis on the state of education and health of tribal women and children in Rajasthan. The main objective being to find out the reasons for so far inadequate development of the tribals so as to help suggest suitable strategies as may ensure desired development of the tribals. The book also makes an assessment of the problems and prospects of the involvement of voluntary organizations in tribal development


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