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Stress, Stress Management Styles & Job Satisfaction


ISBN: 9788179063408
ISBN 9788179063408
Name of Authors Saroj Garg
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2015
Pages 153
Language English

The emerging profile of pre-primary teachers is not very encouraging. The present scenario of pre-primary teachers' work environment is not at all conductive to his/her personal and professional development. Learners' optimum growth and development. The teacher has been often loaded with number od unnecessary non academic responsibilities straining his/her time and energy resources. This paucity professional front and unsupprtive environment at home front many a times creates acute stressful situation for the teahers which adversely affect not only their own well being but also the academic development of their students. Needless to say that as a consequence of a pessimistic trend sets in. These problems are incresaing at a faster rate. How it affects the job satisfaction leveles? What is level of stress the teachers are experiencing" How they are coping up with it? All these qquestions become crucial. An attempt has been made in this book to pave way as indecators/ guidelines for improving the teacher contribution to the teaching learning process. There are range of physical, psychological and behaviour symptoms one can experience if faced with high levels of stress. Some of these indicators of stress problems are increased blood pressure, incresed heasrt rate, increased muscle tension, headaches, increased anxiety, depresson, aggression, confusion, irritability, obseccive concern with trivial issues and poor work performance. The aim of stress management is to help one balance the various aspects of one's life work, relationship and leisure - and to balance the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of life. People who effectively manage stress consider life a challenge rather than a series of irrigation, and they feel they have control over their lives, even in the face of setbacks. This book will help teachers in analysing the cause of job disssatisfacton and stress and they themselves will be able to understand their problems causing stress and job satisfaction. By being aware of their problem and coping style the person is more likely to bring about a change in his or her situation. The administratiors of pre-primary school namely the principles, district educational officers and policy makers could use the book to formulate the training and orientation programmes or refresher training programmes for the pre-primary teacher. Improvement in certain physical facilities at the work place may also reduce job dissatisfaction reducing stress in order to have effective, positive environments for teachers and students.

Dr. Saroj Garg has 18 years of teaching experience and presently she is working as Associate Professor at Lokmanaya Tilak Teachers Training College at JRN Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University, Udaipur (Raj.). She is a life member of Indian Adult Education Association, New Delhi and holds the position of Assistant Secreatary at Inidan Adult Education Association, New Delhi. She holds her Ph.D. in Education. She has apecialized in pre-primary teacher education. She has written a number od research papers and articles in the field of education, published in national and international journals. She is member Editorial Board of Vidhyapeeth News, Research Journal 'Spandan' and women World.


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