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Water Management


ISBN: 8185167311
ISBN 8185167311
Name of Authors Jaspal Singh, M.S.Acharya, Arun Sharma
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1990
Pages 288
Language English

The book "Water Management (Problems and Prospects in Command Areas" is an outcome of vast experience of academicians, field engineers, research and extension workers in the area of irrigation water management. The problems of water management in command areas need due emphasis since utilization of irrigation potentials created with huge investments in this sector has lagged far behind. In brief, the book encompasses the whole gamut of water management i.e. management and distribution of water; framers needs and problems of equality in water distribution, irrigation and cNl acheduling, environemt and socio-economic problems and research needs for improved water management. The book may be equally useful to engineers, agronomists, social scientists administrators and planners in th country,

Prof. Jaspal Singh has a wide experience of more than 20 years both in teaching and research and is presently working as Assosiate Professor, Soil and water conservation Engineering at the College of Technology and Agricultural Engineering, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur. He had his educational both in India and Canada. Mre. Singh has also worked in Iraq for thee and a half years. He was head of the Department of soil and water conservation engineering for two and a half year. Presently, he is the Principla Investigator of Plasticulture Development Centre. Mr. Singh has a number of technical papers to his credit. Prof. M.S. Acharya has a varied experience of 22 years in extension, teaching and research. He completed graduation from U.P. Agri. University Pantnagar (1968) and post graduation in soil and water conservation engineering from Rajasthan Agricultural Univerity, Bikaner (1988). Prof Acharya , also worked with international organizations viz. USAID (North Yemen, 1977- 79) and U.N.D.P. (Malaysia. 1982 - 84). Presently, he is working as Associate Professor, soil and water conservation Engineering. Udaipur. He has more than 30 research papers and manuals to his credit. Prof. Arun Sharma, graduated from Pantnagar in agricultural engineering in 1972 and M.E. (Irrigation) from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok in 1980. He has about 18 years experience of working in different capacities in various organizations of repute. Presently he is working as Associate Professor in Irrigation water Management at college of Technology and Agricultural Engineering, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur Campus.


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