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Social Development :Analysis Of Some Social Work Fields.


ISBN: 8186231455
ISBN 8186231455
Name of Authors Raj Bhanti
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2001
Pages 198
Language English

1.Tribal Human Resource Development : The Need and the Strategic Components 2.Class Differentiations and Identity Crisis among Tribals : A Sociological Study of the Bhils of Udaipur City 3.Control of AIDS : A religious approach 4.The Mina-Bhil Development Myth and Reality 5.Tribal Development through Rajasthan Tribal Areas Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. Udaipur 6.Hindu Ethos and Social Service 7.Nehru : Approach to Social and Tribal Welfare 8.Role Performance in Social Work Profession 9.Social Welfare and Developmental Traditions among Jainism and Buddhism 10.jktLFkku fodkl ;kstuk gsrq lkekU;; fcUnq 11.Programmes and Strategies for Alleviation of Tribal Poverty


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