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Social Development And Social Work


ISBN: 8185167923
ISBN 8185167923
Name of Authors M.S.Bedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1994
Pages 150
Language English

This book is the outcome of a comprehensive research - cum-action project on social development undertaken by the Udaipur School of social Work in a tribal predominant areas of Girwa Tehsil of Udaipur District in Rajasthan, with the financial assistance of the University Grants Commission undre its Departmental Research Support (DRS) Programme. The development of the formerly under-privileged and poor sections of the society forms a crucial concern of the Indian Constitution. There is now increasing realization in the Social Work profession, that besides its traditional, relief remedial, reformation, and rehabilitative role it should also involve itself in the task od social development are to ensure: total development of all men, to reduce inequalities among them, to ensure quality of life to them and to promote sustainable development of people: The present publication porvides a theoretical insight regarding social development and social work, their inter - relation, the social developmental status of the tribal in Rajasthan, the changing development strategies and the role of social work in promoting social development. It also provides a detailed description of their development needs. It gives as assessment regarding the levels of: awareness of people regarding development services, development motivation and development service utilization. The book gives as account of the problems and process involved in development services, awareness generation and utilization motivation and in the organization of people foe self development. It also provides an coordination strategies, principles and skills. The whole thrust of the book is that social work can play an effective supportive role in ensuring development of the deprived sections of the society in India.


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