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Social Correlates Of Fertility


ISBN: 8185167516
ISBN 8185167516
Name of Authors Bheru Lal Nagda
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1992
Pages 181
Language English

The demographic studies of the Tribes are far and few in Inida. A small number of studies have been conducted for explaining the influence of fertility behaviour in general. No. efforts hitherto have been made to isolate the socio-cultural variables explaining the fertility patterns and the differences those exist in the tribal community. The tribes are culturally diversed and ethnically different from castes societies. ince tribal people are the most fascinating and perhaps the oldest surviving inhabitants of the Country, their antiquity thus is evidenced by their extreme primitiveness. The census data proves that fertility is one of the most important factors for accelerating the population growth of the tribbal population in Southern Rajasthan. In fact the ever encreasing population has compelled the social scientists and the demographers to understand the dynamics of population problem of the tribal community. The present study is an endeavour in this field which would open ways to understnad the mechanism of fertility behaviour in complex web of social cultural norms of the tribes. The study is based broadly on the field work concerning to the various facets of reproductive behaviours of tribal women and their existing pattern of socio-economic and cultural system,. In the crucial time such as this one, when development programmes are largely focussed on rural and weaker sections of the population, it is hoped that this study would certainly be of help in formulating the policy for developing a strategy of fertility control programme in the tribal areas and it would also be a contribution towards building a sociological theory of tribal fertility. I am sure , the study would undoubtedly be proved a caralyst among those who have keen interest in the dynamics of tribal population in general and for the policy makers of the Country in Particular.

Dr. B.L. Nagda, the Scholar that made a pioneer effort of conducting the present study on tribes, is a Research Officer at the Population Research Centre, Sukhadia University, Udaipur. He has obtained Master's degree with 1st Div. in Geography from Sukhadia University, Udaipur with a Certificate in Population Studies, achieved from the International Institute for Population for Population Science, Bombay. He also possesses a Master's degree in Sociology from the Sukhadia University and the University awarded him the degree of Ph.D. in Social Demography. Dr. Nadgda has a adequate research experience of several years in the field of population studies Sociology and Geography. He has also availed opportunities for participating in mnay National and International Seminars and Conferences. Mainly in the field of fertility, population education and family welfare, he has three dozen research papers, published at his credit have contributed on various aspects of population studies. He is also a member of various academic organizations of national repute.


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