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Social Background Of Tribal Girl Students


ISBN: 8185167966
ISBN 8185167966
Name of Authors Hemlata Talesra
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1994
Pages 135
Language English

The Tribal Communities occupy a unique position in Indian Society. Being the earliest inhabitant of the country, they have for centuries maintained a distinctive life style. Unfortunately, their isolation has kept them out of the mainstream of the nation and made them easy pray to exploitation. The central and state governments have launched several programmes of special assistance for the educational development of the tribals, but there is always a problems of regular attendance in backward taluka of Gujarat. The position of girls education in chhota Udepur is worst of Secondary School tribal girls of Gujarat. The Schools running by Social Welfare Department and Pachhatvarg Seva Mandal Carry the message of behaviour change to the students. On the strength of empirical evidence she infers that the present education system fails to deal with the problem on the idiom of distributive Justice. She says that the benefits of present educational system have been mostly cornered by the tribal elites and higher income groups. The masses of tribal living in the interior parts, do not have any substantial access to the educational benefits. The author argues that some alternative model of education should be developed which could help the tribal girls to seek their incorporation in the regional and mainline civilization.

Dr. Hemlata Talesra is working as a Reader in Centre of Asvanced studies in Education, M.S. University, Barods. She obtained her master's Degree from Banasthali Vidhyapeeth and Ph.D. from CASE, M.S. University, Barida. She has presented a large number of Reseach papers in International and National Conferences has, organised Seminars Workshops and Inservics Programmes of Extension Services Department and Over a dozen Camps for students, teachers, Community workers and Tribal volunteers of Gujarat and Rajasthan. She has valuable published work in the form of numerous Research papers published in International and National Journals and in the form of Books on Tribal Education, Non formal education, Higher Education Among women, A Guidebook for Anganwadi Teachers and Nutan Samagic Gyan. At present she is working on another book on Education in Emerging Indian Society. Dr. Talesra has completed two Research Projects under the auspices of ERIC, NCERT and University Grants Commission. At present she is directing a Research Project on "Tribal Women and Environmental Eduvation", financed by ICSSR, New Delhi. Recently, Dr. Talesra has been awarded the prestigious John Dalvi ward for her out standing achievements by Leslie Sawhny Programme, Bombay.


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