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Regional Disparities In Tribal Area


ISBN: 9788179063156
ISBN 9788179063156
Name of Authors Lalit Singh Jhala
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2012
Pages 142
Language English

Regional Disparity is one of the basic problems of tribal areas alluring solutions to planners and policy and their processes. No doubt, tribes have their own issues, of health, hygiene and education which stand out, as distinct disciplenes, required special and joint treatments. Health and education are two important components, which determine the statues of a person being an integral part of the tribal development process. For the present analysis, in bringing out the regional disparties both the health and educational parameters have been taken up in-depth and their varied levels. Evidently is need for bridging the gap in the inequalities pertaining to health srvices and educational facilities in the tribal areas. Proposed planning priority zones for tribal areas are beneficial and useful to implementation of schemes, by the government and private organization is the key to progress by growth of this tribal-dominant region of southern Rajasthan. Improvemt in both the health and education sectors will go a long-way in enhancing tribal welfare and ensuring anticipated around development of the region


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