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Regional Input-Output Model For Small Scale Industries


ISBN: 818516701X
ISBN 818516701X
Name of Authors K.K.Saxena
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1987
Pages 169
Language English

This study is a response to a widely recognized?need to prepare a separate?regional input-output model for small scale industries. It is an attempt to explain the importance of the small scale industries in the industrial set-up of the Rajasthan's economy through input-output analysis. This study measures the intersectoral dependence among the small scale industries in Rajasthan and have found out the ''key'' sectors by calculating the different types of multipliers. This book also includes the comparison of the small and large scale industries in the input-output frame work. This book has a comprehensive review and references of the literature in the regional input-output analysis.This book will be of great use to teacher, scholars and students of economics , planners and policy makers and specially for those interested?in the regional planning.


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