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Program Planning Monitoring & Evaluation


ISBN: 9788179064443
ISBN 9788179064443
Name of Authors N.K.Punjabi, Amare Hagos, F.L. Sharma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2015
Pages 230
Language English

Program development is ongoing and continuous process. Each educational initiatives bring about the desirable change In the initial situation. Monitoring and evaluation can help an organization extract relevant information from the past and ongoing activities in order to forcast and fine tuning with future planning. Planning is considered to be the corner stone upon which the program is built in future. Without effective planning, monitoring and evaluation it would be impossible to judge if work is going on in the right direction and with the desired speed. The importance of planning can be judged with a satement "if ypu fail to plan means you plan to fail". Equally important is an understanding the inter linkages and deficiencies between planning monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation should be an integral part of program design and implementation. Monitoring and evaluation is a way of systematically measuring and tracking program activities and results. It is aften viewed as something only done by researchers or to satisfy the donors but all program managers conduct monitoring and evaluation to some degree. The data derived from monitoring and evaluattion are also critically important for the ongoing improvement and eventually optimization of the program. Finally it bolsters transparency and demonstrates good governance of the program. Our intension in writing the book on "Program Planning , Monitoting and Evaluation" was tp provide concise guidance to the students, researchers and development workers too develop an in right into process of effective program development. We hope that publication of this book will help the reaers to be even more clearer about the higher level achievements through the program and to develop strategies to achieve those results and ultimately to improve the advancement of human development.

Dr. N.K. Punjabi is presently working as Professor and Head of the Department of Extension, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan). He has 29 years of experience in teaching, research and extension at the University level, Dr. Punjabi has served as expartriate expert under World Bank funded projects like ARTP and UNDP. He also has five years of ecperience in teaching students abroad in Haramaya University, Ethiopia (Africa). Dr. Punjabi has guided 4 Ph.D. and 25 masters students in the thrust areas of agricultural extension. He authores four books besides publishing 35 research papers in journals of repute. Dr. Punjabi served as Chief Editor of Rajasthan Journals of Extension Education from 2009 to 2012 and presently acting as Secreatary, Rajasthan Society of Extension Education. Amare Hagos is an Ethiopian national worked as Head, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development at Haramaya University, concern discipline from abroad. Mr. Amare Hagoes is presently pursuing Ph.D. degree programme from the College of Development Studies, AAU, Ethiopia. His Ph.D. research titled "Information Value Chain widely travelled and has rich experience of third world countries. He published number of modules for mid-career educational programmes for government of Ethiopia. Amare Hagoes has rich experience in teaching research and extension in the university system. Dr. F.L. Sharma is working as Professor in the Department of Extension Education, RCA, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan). Dr. Sharma has 22 years of experience in teaching, research and extension. Dr. Sharma was bestowed with Gold Medal and University Best Teacher Award including the recipient of Best Poster Presentation Award. He has guided 11 Ph.D. and 20 M.Sc. students in the field of Extension Education. Dr. Sharma authored four books and published more than 80 research papers besides a number of farm publications in the journals and magazines of repute. He is the life member of six professional societies of extension Education and also associated in NAIP Research Project funded by ICAR, He was the member of Board of studies for Faculty of Agriculture. MPUAT, Udaipur from 2000 to 2012. He has attended several seminars conferences, workshops organized at National and Intenational Level.


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