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Project Management


ISBN: 9788179063019
ISBN 9788179063019
Name of Authors N.K.Punjabi, K.P.M.Chinnan, S.S.Sisodiya, F.L.Sharma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2012
Pages 96
Language English

The aim of this book is to provide a general introduction to project management. The book is particularly intended for students of Universities and other institutions of higher learning including development - workers who come across the issues related to project - management in the course of their studies: The book is equally useful for GO's NGO's and various stake holders who are involved in development activities using the project approach. The book is focused on significant issues like project planning, project finance, project cycle, financial management, project management system and managing people in project organisation. It is important for stake holder and scientist to understnad planning implementation, monitoring and evalutaion [hase of the developmental activities. Unless the concept and principles involved in project management are throughly understood, the methods and techniques of its effectives implementation, involving local people cannot be devised properly. In the preparation of this book, the valuable work of outstanding scholars and other related publications were reviewed. Without their original efforts the present book could not have been in the present shape. We the authors acknowledge with thanks the valuable debt of raelier authors.The efforts were made by the authirs tp bring together the best information available in literature in a concise and capsule form. The book is divided into nine chapters, each dealing with separate aspects of projects management. All these parts have been presented in a logical sequence. Improvement in any piece of writing is a continuous and dynamic process, Constructive criticism and feedback from users of this book would be highly appreciated.

Dr. N.K. Punjabi is an Associate Professor and Head of the department of Extension Education, MPUAT, udaipur (Rajasthan). Dr. Punjabi has 28 years of experience in teaching, research and extension at the university level. Dr. Punjabi served as expatriate expert for various projectd funded by World Bank and UNDO. He has five years of experience in teaching University students abroad in Harayana University, Ethiopia (Africa). Dr. Punjabi has guided 4 Ph.D. and 21 M.Sc. students in thr thrust areas of agricultural extension. He authored one book and published more than 25 research papers and number of farm publications in the Journals and Magazines of repute. Dr. Punjabi is serving as Chief Editor of 'Rajasthan Journals of Extension Education published by Rajasthan Society of Extension Education, Udaipur. Dr. K.P.L. Chinnam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rual Development and Agricultural Extension, Haramaya University, Ethiopia (Africa). He has 8 years in teaching U.G. & P.G. classes at thr university level. Dr. Chinnan has guided number of M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Ag.) students for their research at Haramaya University, Ethiopia (Africa). He has an experience of working with various research projects funded by Govt. of Ethiopia, Africa. He published number of research papers and articles in various Journals and Magazines of repute.


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