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Industrial Development In Tribal Region


ISBN: 9788179061206
ISBN 9788179061206
Name of Authors Sunita Sharma
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2006
Pages 137
Language English

The book is based on an in-depth study of the dynamics of industrial development taken place in the TSP region of Rajasthan. It deals with the analysis of number of units, investment, employment production and growth rate in different industries like-the large, medium, small scales as well as the village and artisan industries. The contents of the book are: Introduction, Methodology, Profile of Industrialisation in TSP Region, Large and Medium Scale Industries, Small Scale Industries, Artisan and Conclusions. The book will be useful as a good reference and resource material for the academia, researchers, industrialists, administrators and policy makers who are interested in knowing about the current affairs of industrial growth in the tribal sub-plan area.


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