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Information & Communication Technology For Integrated Rural Development


ISBN: 9788179063064
ISBN 9788179063064
Name of Authors Dharam singh, Naveen Choudhary, Y.C.Bhatt, Poonam Dhaka, Kalpna Jain,Amit Joshi
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2013
Pages 126
Language English

The revolution in information and communication technology (ICT) in recent past has brought tremendous benefits in all spheres and to all section of the society. ICT are being increasingly applied by the government to deliver its services at the locations convenient to the citizens. Today e-Governance project have attempted to improve the reach, enhance the base, minimize the processing costs, increase transparency, and reduce the cycle time. Similarly, ICT-which include radio and television, as well as newer digital technologies such as computer communication and the internet have been touted as potentially powerful enabling tools for rural development and rural reforms. When used appropriately, different ICTs are said to help expand access to education, strenghten the relevance of education to the increasingly digital workplace and raise educational quality by, among other, helping make teaching and learning into an engaging, active process connected to real life. Benefits of ICT in the domain of rural development also can not be overemphasised. The critical areas of rural development such as agriculture, education, health services etc.


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