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Hydrology And Watershed Management


ISBN: 8179060977
ISBN 8179060977
Name of Authors Virendra Kumar , P.K. Singh, R.C.Purohit
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 300
Language English

Indian land, fortunately, is the wettest in the world but the crisis in terms of spread and within year distribution of rainfall affects ane in three people. Yhe annual average rainfall of 1170 mm, by any standards, can be categorized as water rich but its spread and non-uniformity, within a year, are the major reasons for acute shortage of water during non-rainy months. The water storage capacities, therefore, have to be increased adequately, Scientific short term and long term runoff water harvesting, subsurface runoff harvesting, such as dykes, roof top water harvesting , integrated watershed management and groundwater recharging technologies etc. are the befitting answer to deal with such a situation, Hydrology, which constitutes three most important events, viz. preciption, abstraction and runoff, has to be understood well. Drought charterization study must be taken up in different agroclimatic zones of the countru and suitable crop plan strategies need to be developed under aberrant rainfall condition. Low cost percolation tanks are found to be most effective for surface runoff harvesting and groundwater recharge. The attention should be given to it in watershed development an management projects. This book contains useful informstin on "Hydrology and Watershed Management: from the selected technical papers presented during the 37th and 38th ISAE Annual Convention and Symposium held at CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur from Jan 20-31, 2003 and CAET, Dr. B.S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli from Jan 16-18. 2004, respectively


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