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Ict For Rural Development :Access & Applications


ISBN: 9788179061978
ISBN 9788179061978
Name of Authors Dharm Singh,Naveen Choudhary, Navneet Agrawal, Poonam Dhaka
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2009
Pages 205
Language English

Article and Author, Mobile Queries in GIS A Study, Implementation of Energy Aware Topology Generator for Network on Chip, Detecting Local Outliers in High Dimensional Space, A Low Cost Keyword Based Image Processign and Retrieval System for Teching and Research, Time Delayu Estimation for Frequency Hopping System using Propagator Method, Meta Clustering Techniques for Document Searching, A Preliminary Preformance Comparison of Two Clustering Algorithms for Practical IP Traffic Classification, Routing Protocols in MANET, An Analysis of Bit Planes for SAR Raw Date Compression, Effect of Erbium Doped Fiber Length on the Performance of Different Optical Fibers for Fiber Optic Communication System, Software Configuration Management What and Why, Topology Aware, Fault Tolerant Routing for Irregular Mesh Based on chip Networks, Optimization of Quantizer for SAR Raw Data Compression, Analysicla Modeling of Multi Layered Dielectric G MOSFET for its Performance Improvement, PSPICE Simulation of PWM using ORCAD Capture and Multisim 2001, Enhancement of Querying Capabilities of Database using Fuzzy Logic, ASIP Based Simulator and Multimedia Application For Rural Development, Using The Data Mining Approach to Determine the Choice of Drugs in Epilepsy, Weakness and Problems in Security Protocol of VPN, Utilization of Daubechies Wavelets towards Image Processing, Bandwidth Aware and Energy Sensitive Irregular Topology Generator for Network on Chip, Importance of Demand Actuated Traffic Signals for Public Transport Buses, at Signalized Intersections in Indian Cities, Face Deterction and recognition using Artificial Neural Networks, Nature Inspired Black Hole Search, The next Generation Credential Server, Public key infrastructure, Enhancement of Querying Capabilities of Database using Fuzzy SQL, Impact of Embedded System in Medical Spectrum, Biometridc ATMs Touching Rural India, Secure solution for Mobile Agent applications, Implementation of E Governance with ASIP, Anemia detection and classification with C4.5, Wireless Networking Security System for Military Tactical Operations, The Recent Advances in Software Testing Research, Secured Software Software Engineering Approach, Developing and Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm for Web Applications, e Learning for Small Towns, Survey of Computer Forensic, E Agriculture, ICT for Sustainable Development of Rural Education System, Barriers to e Agriculture Information in India, Information and Communication Technology in Indian Agriculture, Nrega Paradigm and ICT, ICTs for Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas, i2 Governance Solution for e Governance, e Governance in Rajasthan, ICT for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas Challenges Ahead, Role of Open Source in ICT for Rural Community, GIS Based Application Bird Sanctuary, E commerce & Rural India, Precision Faming A New Concept, ICTs for Telehomecare, Technology faccilitated Learning for Bridging the Digital Divide


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