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Human Geography Of Mewar.


ISBN: 8186231900
ISBN 8186231900
Name of Authors A.N. Bhattacharya
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2000
Pages 370
Language English

Human Geography of Mewar' is an outcome of varied factors. The choice of the subject and its theme was promoted by monumental work of Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan by Col. James Tod. The base was prepared during the designing and teaching a new postgraduate course of Human Geography of Southern Rajasthan by the author. Prof. Bhattacharya's deep involment in area research on different themes of geography in Vidalin traditional at the University of Udaipur has culminated in the form of 'Human Geography of Mewar' His fruitful residence and field visits in the region, spanning over a period of four decades, are reflected at every stage of the explanations in the book. The book is concerned with an integrated land-man relationship study pertaining to Southern Rajasthan; a distinct geo-historico-cultural region know as Mewar. The work is primarily? oriented towards an exposition of the process of humanisation of a given area occupied and utilised by successive ethno-cultural groups in a time sequence spreading over a period of more than a millennium. The book is an original work by an octogenerian geographer. It opens new vistals to understand the man-environment relations in temporal perspective with penetrating interpretations of anthropogeographic elements and politico-historic events.


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