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How To Read Faster & Better


ISBN: 9788179061480
ISBN 9788179061480
Name of Authors G.S.Rathore
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2009
Pages 162
Language English

It is high time our youth realized the immense importance of reading in the wake of ever multiplying expansion of knowledge. Reading unlocks the precious treasure of knowledge accumulated by entire mankind since its creation. Besides, reading, being receptive and hence allowing the reader to choose his own reading material and speed, is the easiest of all language skillsm and also helps him to overcome a major psychological hurdle of shyness. It is hoped that this book will provides such useful tips to our youth as will help him to read faster and better both in his mother-tongue as well as in English. Researches have proved that skills of one language get automatically transferred to the other language(s). Once he becomes an efficient reader, reading will becomes a delightful activity, which will open him the doors of worldwise knowledge. This will benefit him during his student-life and onwards.


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