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G B Shawa Plays A Study In Dramaturgy


ISBN: 9788179067246
ISBN 9788179067246
Name of Authors Dr. Manju Jha
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2018
Pages 6
Language English

It is a matter of immense pleasure and exhilaration for an author if his book serves the purpose for which it has been brought out. This book has explicity explained how the surrounding realities of life played a deciding role in the growth of G B Shaw as a dramatist whose dramas duty reflect the crude face of life. Moreover, his scholastic nature opened gates to the vast world of literature during past centuries where historical figures resigned supremely overshadowing all others. Desides, this book reflects how enviously rich Shaw was in matters of artistic skills essentially required for en gripping the readers' hearts and minds. His speculative peeping into the past history of drama and dramatic techniques opended to him new venues for a better understanding of dramatic devices and their appreciation from different angles. I hope that this book will render the purpose for which it has been warmly acknowledge and favourably considered while publishing the next edition

Dr.Manju Jha, PGT (English) at JNV Pachpadra Nagar, Barmer has been offering academic as well as parental support to the students since 1992. She started her teaching career with her job as a part - time lacturer at Ch.Charan Singh Shidam Singh Mahavidyalay, lagilas, Aligarh (UP) and Sri Tika Ram Girls 'Degree College, Aligarh (UP). She has been supporting the students as theri teacher, parent, friend, guide nd counsellor in various ways since 1997. This work is the reflection of her academic pursuits in the field of literature.


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