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Use Of Teaching Aids In Teaching Of English


ISBN: 9788179067239
ISBN 9788179067239
Name of Authors Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bhatt
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2018
Pages 109
Language English

This book focuses on the current practice of using teaching aids and the importance of teaching aids in the teaching of English at the first year T.D.C level at the colleges. The teaching aids help a teacher to enhance the participation and the activity of the learning in the teaching - learning process. If the teacher users the teaching aids, language teaching becomes more interesting. Most of the teaching aids are expensive and out of reach for the teachers. In this book the author suggests that a teacher can make his class interesting even if he uses only pictures as teaching aids. This book gives ample examples with illustration with suitable pictures. This book will be of immense help to the learners of English, teachers of English as well as the? teacher - trainers who train thee young prospective teachers.

The author of this book, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bhatt, is Vice principal, assistnat professor and H.O.D. of the department of English, in Siddhi P.G. College Sagwara. He teaches U.G. and P.G. classes. He is a person with multiple talents. As a teacher of English, he has publishes a number of research papers, articles related to his subjects in journals and has also participated in several national/ international seminars/ conferences. He is also performing as an anchor in the social, national and cultural Programmes. His area of interest in teaching including english literature, Communication techniques, ELT, ESP, Poetry and Personality development. Dr. Bhatt has also taught in various colleges. He has expertise in spoken/ soft skills. P.D. Besides being a teacher of English, he is interested in many other fields. He is a good astrologer and also a palmist. Not only that he is quite religiously oriented and performs as a Priest at the Karmakand of the Hindus. His education qualification in B.Ed., M.A. in English, M.Phil. in Englishm and Ph.D. in english. Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bhatt is not only a teacher but also a social worker. He has been rewarded by many societies, for his Excellency in education at the district level and sub - divisional level.


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