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Blindness Among Tribals


ISBN: 9788179067260
ISBN 9788179067260
Name of Authors Dr. Mridula Bairwa
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2018
Pages 210
Language English

Incident of blindness among tribals is exceptionally high as compared to the other communities. The biological model of disease with its emphasis on phusical pathology and biological reductionism has been criticised for negtecting the social influence on health and illness. In this book an attempt has been made to identity the socio - cultural determinants of eye health and eye care seeking behavior of tribals. The present work shows that the tibals have their own traditional beliefs and practices of treating eye disease, they combine different methods without considering their epistemic, ontological, moral and aesthetic foundations. Children are the worst victims of these methods which often render them to blindness. NPCB and other national and international agencies engaged in elimination of avoidable blindness need to address these issues in the tribal and rural area of the country in order to achieve the goals of VISION-2020. The people of this country have the right to sight irrespective of their socio-economic, religious, linguistic and geographical backgrounds

Dr. Mridula Bairwa has done MA in Anthropology and has done NET JRF and Ph.D. in Sociology. She has also done P.G. Diploma in Resettlement & rehabilitation and she specialises in "Social Impact Studies and Medical Sociology" Dr. Birwa has taught sociology in Mohan Lal Shukhadia University. She has worked with the Institute of Rehabilitation and Development Studies, Udaipur for R & R Projects of Hindustan Zinc Limited. She is member of the editorial team of the "Rajasthan Journal of Sociology". She has presented several papers in reputed journals. Dr. Biarwa is currently working as functional area axpert in socio economics for Apex Mintech Consultancy Udaipur.


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