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Environment Forest & Tribes :Anthropolocial Concomitance.


ISBN: 8186231919
ISBN 8186231919
Name of Authors Ramesh Chandra
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2000
Pages 192
Language English

Environmental consideration have attained priority over other things in recent times. Forests which were non issue and remained unnoticed for discussions for about one and a half century have emerged as issue of concern because of their depletion and over extraction vi-a-vis restoration and conservation. Also wildlife and other creatures occupied centre stage ignoring the state of simple human folks.The tribal societies who form the part of all biospheres and eco-systems have become target of redicule for receding forest cover. On pretext of treating forest dwellers at par with 'Developed people ' by ousting them from their natural abode to the fringes, they have been put to loss, deprivation and even food in security. There exists a void in terms of anthropological concomitance in the body of knowledge on tribals' perspective of forest and environment among these having concern. Present book provides some explorations of anthropological significance bridging the gap between tribal indigenous knowledge , ethos and concern about forests through culture and concerned people.


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