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Environment Management Practices: An Indian Outlook


ISBN: 8179061701
ISBN 8179061701
Name of Authors Karunesh Saxena, Nityesh Bhatt
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2007
Pages 324
Language English

Environment is omnipresent and involves every resources the humanity has. Need of the hour is to manage environment properly & judiciously. The consequences of mis-managing environment are far reaching and disastrous for the humanity. Environment is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, therefore it is our collective resposibility to develop a holistic management framework. Against this backdrop, Pacific Institute of Management, Udaipur decided to organise an international Conference on the theme "Environment Management Pratices in India: Issues, Imperative and Implications" from 3rd to 5th March, 2006 with financial support from AICTE, New Delhi. A large number of academicians, research and the industrial professionals have pooled their knowledge, wisdom and expertise on this important issue, The present publication is an edited version of the papers & articles contributed in the conference. The book has been divided in five sections. The contents of the book provide comprehensive coverage on various environmental issues. The book shall be immensely beneficial for policy makers, researchers and academicians. The editors firmly belive that if thediscerning readers voraciously read, analyze & assimilate learning, preaching anf recommendations contained in this book, their efforts shall be amply rewarded.


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