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Environment And Human Habitation


ISBN: 8185167265
ISBN 8185167265
Name of Authors Verma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1991
Pages 197
Language English

Everything around us-physical, human, technical, etc. constitute total environment affecting our activities. Our habitations, rural as well as urban, too form a part of total environment. Human habitations or settlements have their basis in elements of environment viz., water, air, soil, vegetation and human groups themselves. Deterioration in environment, or in other words, disequilibrium aming water, air, soil, vegetation and human groups has adversely affected life in rural and urban settlements. The present book deals with human settlements and their controlling factors forming the basis or 'gene'. Their understanding would certainly help us to diagnose the problems, our villages and small towns are facing day-day. Central sections of our villages and towns, more particulary in backward areas having the large chunk of scheduled caste and tribal population, have ceased to be exciting and beautiful. Settlement-development process everywhere, especially in backward and remote areas, has shown many common patterns and stresses. To bring into light the process of Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand and the structure of rural and urban settlement in background of their environments in background of their environment is the sole objective of the present work. Understanding of certain fundamentals would provide us definitely a base and as unique opportunity to master human habitat.


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