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Emerging Food Processing Technologies For Small Scale Industries


ISBN: 8179063224
ISBN 8179063224
Name of Authors G.P.Sharma,R.C Verma, S.K. Jain
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2014
Pages 185
Language English

The face of Indian food industry has started changing ever since formation of an independent ministry of food processing industry, Decades ago, Indian food industries were crying about lack of infrastructural support, non-availability of quality raw material at competitive price, high taxation rates ate. as major constrains in growth. After liberalization, multinational giants have been passing threats to the industry through quality and technology competence. Truly speaking, our Indian processed food industry is, undoubtedly, dominated by unorganized small processors with hundreds of thousands of four-mills, rice-mills, pulse mills, oil-seed mills. There are several thousands of traditional fruits and vegetable units, bakeries units, spice processing units in unorganized sector. The primary grading and collection centers, cold chain, quality certification system, transportation for perishables is almost non-existent for these sections of processed food industry resulting into a scenario where in Indian's import is increasing dramatically while export is remaining unaltered i.e. static. In fact, tea and spice have observed regrowth during past couple of years with regards to export. Its disheartening indeed that currently, India's share of global trade in merely 1.5 percent or so.. It can go up to 5 percent or little higher if we somehow improve our supply chain performance. Further, if India has to occupy a lead position in the global economy, our processed food industry including primary processing sector have to achieve global standard with regard to quality and process technologies. The quality issue for processed food industry in so paramount that no processor can afford to undermine this. There is a general perception that MNCs have better technology support by resources and the scale of operation and therefore, can produce superior quality products.


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