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Emerging Images Of Tribal Women


ISBN: 8186231056
ISBN 8186231056
Name of Authors Shobha Nandawana
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1995
Pages 154
Language English

A flood of social science literature has come under the nomenclature of women studies. This, indeed, is a healthy sign. However, very little has been done for the cause of tribal women-the wretched of the earth-who have been living in hills and forest and who have hardly got exposure to or experience of mainline civilization consisting officials, all in all, a RX 'team' of exploiters enquiry in the life style, economy, marriage and family and rearing of children among the tribals. The emperical data relate to a southern district of Rajasthan. The writer has very meticulously generated data after making intimate observations with the tribals.


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