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Elt Methods And Materials (A Critical Study)


ISBN: 8186231498
ISBN 8186231498
Name of Authors Sharda V.Bhat
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1998
Pages 92
Language English

This book evaluates all the English Language Teaching Methods critically. It spell out the merits and demerits of all the existing methods and proposes a new combination of two approaches which has been tried out, with best results, in the actual class-room situation. It highlights the importance of reading skill in learning of English Language and suggests a way out to develop this skill. It is a pioneering work which incorporates the best aspects of the two latest approaches to develop the reading skill. The emphasis all through is on the material and methods used in the class-room for teaching reading comprehension. it emphases the importance of the use of authentic material better result. The concepts of Communicative English is also elaborately discussed. College and school teacher and students of English Language all over the country will find this book enormously useful and relevant to their needs in class-room requirements. It throws considerable light on a judicious and creative selection of teaching materials and use of appropriate and effective strategies for teaching reading comprehension. It will open up new vistas and opportunities for teaching of English to effectively build up communicative skills and functional use of English. This may serve as a reference book for research in the field of ELT.


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