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Economic Development Of Tribes In India


ISBN: 2096
ISBN 2096
Name of Authors Trivedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1985
Pages 191
Language English

India as a nation has set before herself the goal od achieving development framewoek. The tribals who remained buried in poverty and backwardness for centuries have now been introduced to the forces of planned development and modernization. They occupy a privileged position through the implementation of protective discriminations in the total process of development. Surely the tribals subsistance economy has entered into market economy but has it brought change in the quality of life of the masses of tribals? The oresent work examines the situtation of tribal economics of developemnt from the regional perspective. For his study the author has taken the tribal region of Southern Rajasthan which is a home land of the Bhils. The author in his analysis argues that development plans have neither been able to uplift the economic lot of the tribal society no that of the masses in general. The author in his endeavour constructs an alternative blueprint for an authentic and relevant development of the tribals of the region. The study is useful for practising economists, regional planners, development personnal and voluntary workers.

Dr. Hari Vallabh Trivedi teaches economics at the University of Rajasthan's affoliated Government College, Dungarpur (Rajasthan). The present study is the outcome of his research as University Grants Commission Teacher Fellow at Jaipur, University of Rajasthan. His major research interest is ergional economics. He has participated in several regional conferences and has contributed articles pertaining to the areas of industrial structure, regional desparities and tribal and rural development.


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