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Drudgery Of Farm Women Its Assessment & Management


ISBN: 9788179063033
ISBN 9788179063033
Name of Authors Maya Choudhry, Suman Singh,Hemu Rathore
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2012
Pages 346
Language English

Vast majority of rural women in India take part in agriculture. They are responsible for 60 to 70 percent of agricuture operations such as sowing, transplantation, harvesting, post harvest processes in the production of more crops. In addition to their contributions in livelihood occupations, women remain responsible for household work also. A large share of work done by women is strenuous, painful and less rewarding. The extent of women's involvement in agriculture varies grealty from region to reigon. Even within a region, their involvement varies widely among different ecological sub-zones, farming systems, castes, classes and stages in the family cycle. In some field operations like sowing, intercultivation and harvesting, women remain numerically predominant compared to men. Despite the technical as well as social development taking place in India, women in agriculture are still facing hardships and remain at the backyard of modernization where in their daily life is a struggle. They work as programmed robots destined for drugery as they are discriminated and deprived in technology access, health care acces and employment alternative. The cumbersome work processess due to lack of simplified procedures, more number of tasks remaining unattended at the end of the day make women to fell that work is difficult to perform and work is never ending. Low output eeficiency is another results of such processes. ""Drugery"" is a term which refers to the conditiona nd experiences of living anf working. The harsh weather, the grindingly exhaustive nature of work, the dissatifactory and painful work explain this term. Drudgery is sustauned till the magnitude of it result in major disorders/hazards, debilitating them to stop functioning. Therefore drudgery reduction measures should be initiated to avoid such undesirable situation. Ilness distribution among women agriculture workers. Incidences of chronic skeletal muscular and postural health problems are indica


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