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Dimensions Of Personality


ISBN: 9788179063002
ISBN 9788179063002
Name of Authors Gaytri Tiwari
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2012
Pages 148
Language English

Personality is the crux of social well being. Everybody's heard the term personality and most of us can describe our own or our friend's personality. All people including you and me, have a personality and very person has a unique personality. It is what makes us the person we are. Our personalities control our behaviour, throughts, emotional and even our unconscious feelings. It makes it possible to predict how a person will act or react under differnt situation. Personality is like fingerprints. It emphasizes how we are unique and different from each other. However, some of us may also share certain similarities in personality. It is deeply fixed, consistent, distinctive and characteristic pattern of our thoughts, feelinga and behaviours that defines a person's own style of interacting with the physical and social environment. It is the tendancy to behave in a certain way under different circumstances and across time. Since, each individual is unique in his or her own way. This book would make indispensable reading for students, academicians, researchers and all who believes in What? Why? and How?


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