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Drainage And Irrigation Water Management


ISBN: 8179060993
ISBN 8179060993
Name of Authors Virendra kumar, Jaspal singh, S.R.Bhakar
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 315
Language English

Irrigation is the key input in crop production. Its scientific management therefore warrants study of the related engineering aspects; such as its application methods, scheduling, crop water requirement and water use efficiently etc. in a systematic way in order to not only save considerable amount of water but to have sustainable agriculture productively as well. Excessine water application without considering the evaporative needs of the plants is mainly responsible for waterlogging and salt related problems in irrigation agriculture. A considerable are, atherwise productive, has gone out of production due to the above reason. Therefore, irrigation and land drainage need to be tackled scientifically and almost simultaneously in order to check the gradual degradation of land and to achieve sustainable production to meet the country's future need of food and fiber. The micro irrigation systems. which encompasss irrigation through striptubling, emitters, jets and micro spriklers, have higher level of efficiency in water use coupled with higher yields. A datailed study of these systems under different agro-climatic cindition needs to be conducted befor taking that to the farmer's field. This book contains useful information on ""Drainage and Irrigation Water Management"" from the selected technical papers presented during the 37th and 38th ISAE Annual Conservation and Symposium held at CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur from Jan 29-31,2003 and CAET, Dr. B.S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli from Jan16-18, 2004, respectively.


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