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Control System


ISBN: 9788179063231
ISBN 9788179063231
Name of Authors Naveen Sen , Surabhi Sahlot, Vinod kr. Yadav, Rajiv Nigam
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2013
Pages 137
Language English

The present book embodies the introduction and objectives of control systems. We have efforts to write the book in student oriented style and formate. The aim here is to in still confidence and understanding of those concepts of control system that are likely to be encountered in the study and practice of control systems Engineering. The approach and level of treatment as directed towards the students of B.Tech. V Sem., Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The present book has been written in the easiest way possible with the realization of the fact that such an important and Valuable subject must be learnt by the students with clarity and proper understanding. The core concepts have been explained keeping in view the requirement of the syllabus. The introduction of control system has been simplified by using figures, solved examples, conceptual questions, etc. The coverage, however in quite comprehensive and spans a widw range of topics commonly encountered in control systems Engineering practice. Chapter 1 introduces the basic of control systems and the classification of control systems. The chapter 2 covers the concepts of analogous systems and how to obtain an analogous electrical systems from any type of given control systems. The chapter 3 includes qualitative discussion on the time response analysis of the control systems. The chapter 4 starts with the explanation of fundamentals ideas about systems stability and given famous Routh's methods used for the analysis of the systems stability. The introduction to compensation networks in chapter 5. We hope this book will satisfy all the needs of the students. We will highly appreciate the constructive criticism and valuable suggestions for fuether improvement of textbook.


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