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Crossing The Poverty Line


ISBN: 8185167036
ISBN 8185167036
Name of Authors N.N.Vyas, S.N. Samadani
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1987
Pages 87
Language English

Development of the rural areas has been one of the paramount concern of the successive five year plans of the ountry. The implementation of the scheme Integrated Rural Development (IRDP) was made in 1978 - 79. This programme is now a component of the 20 point Programme. The IRDP aims at a target group consisting of the poorest among the poor including small and marginal farmers, scheduled tribes, scheduled caste and all other persons who lives below the poverty line. The twin objectives of raising incomem and generating employment are to be achieved through investment in agriculture and ancillary occupations, cottage and small scale industries and particular in viable economic activity which suits the beneficiary family. The author's in the present study make an analysis of the in-put of investment in the amelioration of poverty condition. They have data evidence to infer that to some extent the programme has helped the benediciaries to cross the poverty line.

Dr. N.N. Vyas is head of M.L.V. Tribsl Research Institute at Udaipur, Rajasthan, ever since its inception in 1964. Prior to this, he taught Sociology in the State colleges, affiliated to the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He did his M.A. Advanced Sociology from the school of Economics and Sociology, University of Bombay. He has obtained his Ph.D. from Sukhadia University, Udaipur. He is life member of Indian Sociological Society, Anthropological Society of India, and member of many other professional organizations. Dr, Vyas has served on several committees of I.C.S.S.R., Planning Commission and Working Groups of the Central and State Government. He is the founder editor of the Tribe, the journal of Tribal Research Institute, and a pioneer of this Institute. The major publications of Dr. Vyas include; Needs Facilities and People: Study of Tribal Development Blocks; Tribals: Past and Present; Bomdage and Exploitation in Tribal India; Rajasthan Bhil (ed.): Social Forestry in Tribal Development (Ed.):Diseases Culture Contact and Tribals (Ed.): Revitaliving Tribal Culture (Ed.): Land & Tribals. His articles have been published in Journals both in India and abroad. S.N. Samadani is curently Lecturer in Economics in the Government Collgeg, Nimbahera, affiliated to the University of Rajasthan. He also worked as Lecturer in MLV Tribal Research Institute at Udaipur for five years until 1984. Prior to this assignment he served as Research Officer in (Gazeteers) Planning Department of the State Government.


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