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Contributions To The Environmental Sciences


ISBN: 8186231099
ISBN 8186231099
Name of Authors L.N. Vyas,R.K.Garg,S.D.Purohit
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2000
Pages 138
Language English

The book is the collection of original work conducted in past years on the various aspects of environmental siences. It contains chapters contributed by well reputed research workers in the field of environmental sciences like Structure and function of forest ecosystem, structure and function of grass land ecosystem, Hydrochemistry and plankton population, structure and production dynamics of macrophytic and moist bank vegetation, Effect of cement dust pollution on air quality, soil charcterstics, natural vegetation and crop lands and Ecophysiology of crop and weed plants. The book contains illustrations, tables and full references. The book will be useful for researchers, teachers and the students of environmental sciences


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