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Conserving Biodiversity Of Rajasthan (With Emphasis On Wild Fauna And Flora)


ISBN: 9788179061275
ISBN 9788179061275
Name of Authors Ashok Verma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2008
Pages 549
Language English

The earth's genes, species and ecosystems are the product of over 3000 million years of evaluation and these are the basis for our survival. Biodiversity the measures of the variability in genes, species and ecosystem is valuable and its conservation is very important beacuse: 1) Our understanding of ecosystem is insufficient to be certain of the impact of removing any component. 2) Variety is inherently interesting and more attractive and 3) Future practical uses and values are unpredictable. Available evidence indicates that earth's biodiversity is fast eroding by our activities, Estimating precise reset?of loss, or even the current status of species, is challenging beacuse no systematic monitoring systems is in place and much baseling information is lacking. Since the ecological roles played by many species or population are still only partly known, the wisest course is to take a ""precautionary approach"" and avoid action?that needlessly reduce biological diversity. Rajasthan, the largest state of India, with his varied ecosystems like forest, grassland, wetland. desert etc. is a repository?of rich biological wealth, however much remains to be explored. Conserving Biodiversity of Rajasthan is an attempt to provide readers maximum and relevant information on the existing biodiversity of Rajasthan in one volume. The 50 chapters in the book written by eminent wildlife biologists, Conservationists and foresters form within the state and the country include details of wild fauna, flora, protected area network and conservation issues concerning biodiversity in the state. It also updates students and researchers of the advanced tools and techniques, national and international organization working for biodiversity conservation, career prospects in the field of wildlife science and encourages them to take up research in this field. It is hoped that the book will serve as a reference tool for all those concerned with the conservation of biodiversity.


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