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Adopter Tribal Farmer.


ISBN: 8186231145
ISBN 8186231145
Name of Authors Vijaya Laxmi Chauhan
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1996
Pages 104
Language English

Reforms in agriculture and society is a continuous process of Indian culture. The 'adoption' is a mental phenomenon which transmits " Difusion of Innovation" from one stage to another for its proper involvement in the process". Tribal farmers have not adopted modern new technologies in the field of agriculture, reasons being their sociopsychological background and unique personality characteristics which inhibits their progress. The book is inter disciplinary in nature. Care has been excersised to use as little technical language as possible. The main purpose of this book is to acquaint those who are interested in adoption of new agricultural technologies. It would make indispensable reading to agricultural scientists, psychologiest, sociologists and the social scientists alike.

Dr. Vijaya Laxmi Chouchan, Gold Medalist in Psychology from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Associate Professor in Psychology and Director, Centre for Women's studies M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur is engaged with social, educationsl and cultural upliftment with special emphasis on female empowerement. She has in her credit fifty research articles based on experimental, social, personality, Psychology of Deprived sections of society, women's studies. Her field of interest is use of psychology in applied aspects of behavioural research. Eleven students have already been awarded doctorate degree and seven are working under her supervision. Presently working on research project "Value Pattern, Attitudes Towards Family Planning and Adult Literacy of Rural Tribal Women" suported by M.L.V. Tribal Research Institute, Govt. of Rajasthan".


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