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Action Research & Development In Biomass Gasification.


ISBN: 8185167664
ISBN 8185167664
Name of Authors K.K.Singh, A.N Mathur, S.B. Patil, P.R.Srivastava
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1993
Pages 438
Language English

The book contains the action research & development in the "Biomass Gasification" & present status of the programme in India. It gives comprehensive review of the work done in the area at various institutions, R & D organisations & Renewable Energy Agencies. Many successful applications packages have been developed & these are performing well in the field. The book contains the case studies of Gasifiers working on different biomass and applications. The automatic on line measurement, control and instrumentations in gasification have been included. The book included the fuel processing, sizing, handling and its characteristics in gasifier. The stirling engine based on biomass have been included with its applications. The book contains 48 papers with about 175 figures in about 450 pages.

Dr. K.K. Singh is Director in the Ministry of Non - Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India. He did B.Sc. Mechanical Engg. And Ph.D. in Engineering. During his 20 years experience in the field of Renewable Biogas Plant", edited the processings of "Recent Advances in Biomass Gassification" and published about 80 technical papers reports in journals & proceedings. He was involved in succeddful commissioning og first Community Biogas Plant in India, first Solar assisted biogas plant & launching of improved chulha programme. Prof. A.N. Mathur is Professor & Principal Scientific Officer at Renewable Energy Centre. Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur. He did his B.E. & M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 12 years experience in New & Renewable energy Sources. He has participated & presented papers in mnay national & international conference in India & abroad. He has authored several books & edited proceedings of seven conferences. He has more than 75 papers & reports to his credit in leading journals & conferences.


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