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Adult Education.


ISBN: 8185167508
ISBN 8185167508
Name of Authors Vijay kumar pareek
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1992
Language English

Illiteracy is the key problem for the development of India as a nation. Despite all official pronouncements, commissions and educational policies, nothing substantial has been attained in the field of literacy development. The author argues that there is a well framed theory which could be termed as politics of literacy according to which it is assumed that promotion to which it is assumed that promotion of literacy would injure the vested interests of elites and high -ups in the society. In the past the Brahmins and the high casts Hindus kepts the weaker segments of society illiterate so that the latter could be asked to serve the former. The same theory as applied to-day by the higher segments of society to keep the weaker people illiterate. The author very forcefully argues on the strength of empirical data that the Scheduled Tribes, the universe of study, are more than willing to attend the adult classes. As at present the benefits of Adult Education programme are taken over by the better-off peasantry and the dominant groups. The author analyses the Adult Education Movement with a new perspective. It is not only a programme of reading and writing. It is comprehensive in its scope and includes development, migration and accelerating inequality. The book is useful for social workers, non-government organisations and students of social work and social sciences.

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