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Understanding Women Through Consumer Behaviour


ISBN: 9788179067505
ISBN 9788179067505
Name of Authors Saba Ali
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2018
Pages 284
Language English

Women are most powerful consumers in the world as they control almost 80% of household spending and no longer can the women's spending powers and influence be neglected women are great influence and ultimate decision makers when it comes to buying decision of the family. Most of the marketers known that" Women are different", but actually we need a deep rooted understnading of how and why they are different. This book is based on survey based study which helps us to understood women as decision maker, as a consumer who's influence can't be taken lightly. Women are different because not all females are women, some are girls, not all women are from metropolitian cities they may be from urban or rural areas, and hence purchase decision varies. Some women are moms; not all moms are women. Not all women are working; some women are housewives so there are neurological, behavioural and cultural variations between their brains and hence it affects their consumer nehaviour. My book explores the different between buying behaviour of different categories of women, and certain processes involved in buying behaviour of women. Once women identify the need of a value, their first step towards buying is information search. They want a product that meets their demands and is easy and reliable. Women would try to get benefit form other's experience by asking the people around them. As for example while making a decision of which brand of cosmetics as in lipsticks or shampoos, she may ask her beautician at the parlour or get influenced by the experience of her friend. There is a lot of comparision of the offering before the final purchase. Once a women is sure that she has gathered enough information and evaluated all possible alternatives, she would arrive at a decision. Chapter in this book evaluate all these possible alternatives likes brand preference, word of mouth, saleperson, beauticians advice, consumer protection (guarantee/ warranty) which effects the purchase decision of women and thus helps marketers to posiyion a product in a way that they will benefit her and other in her life.

Dr. Saba Ali, born on 8th November 1978, Rajasthan, India; teaches industrials economics to BBA students. She has done her schoolong form St. Mary's Convent, Udaipur. She choosed commerce stream and has been a commerece students throughout. Done her B.Com and M.Com from Meera Girls College, Udaipur. She has done Ph.D. in Banking and Business Economics and taken a degree in taxation. In her free time she loves to sketch partraits or paint (oil on canvas). The research work whose main target is women consumer produscts user; is authentic and survey based which reveals interesting facts about women as a decision maker. Her future articles to be published in journals would also be based on women behaviour


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