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Traditional Techniques Used To Protect Farms & Forests In India


ISBN: 9788179065716
ISBN 9788179065716
Name of Authors Dr Satish Kumar Sharma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2016
Pages 236
Language English

"Traditional Techniques used to Protect Farm and Forests in India" provides a fascinating accounting of indigenous knowledge of farm and forest protection methods and techniqueds recorded from all coners of India. To meet out protection needs of agro-horticulture sector, countless indigenous devices are in vogue since time immemorial, Similary, various types of fencing are in Forest Departmnet of various states to protect forest, enclosures, plantations, zoos. nurseries, research stations and forest premises. A varied forms of traditional tree guards are seen in foresty and agriculture sectors. This book contains all these aspects of citizen's science. This book would make indispensable reading for the foresters, wildlife managers, farmers, botanists, zoologist, environmentalists, conservationists, and lovers. This book being a bank of applied traditional Knowledge, would be helpful to solv many problems of foresty and agriculture Sectors.

Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma is an officer od Rajasthan Forest Service and working as an Assistant Conservation of Forest in Department of Forest, Rajasthan. He is studying the biodiveristy of Rajasthan and surrounding states since last 35 years. In 1991, he completed his first Ph.D. in "Plant Life and Weaver Birds" from the univeristy of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He compelted his second Ph.D. in 2007 on "Biodiversity and Ethnobiology of Phulwari wildlife Sancturay, Udaipur (Rajasthan)" from Mohanlal Sukhadia Uniersity, Udaipur As a naturalist, he has to his credit more than 350 research papers and articles published in various journals and popular magazines in English and Hindi. He is also the author of 'Ornithobotany of Indian Weaver Birds' (in English, 1995); 'Folk Zoology' (in Hindi, 1998); Wild Animal Identification' (in Hindi, 2002); 'Wildlife Management' ( in Hindi, 2006); 'Orchids of Desert and Semi-arid Biogeographic Zones of India' (in English, 2011); ' Wild Animal Management and Veterinarians' (in Hindi, 2013) and 'Faunal and Flora Endemism in Rajasthan (in English, 2014). The "Folk Zoology" and "Wildlife Management", both have been awarded by the Govt. of India by Medini Puraskar during 1999 and 2006 respectively. "Orchids of Desert and Semi-arid Biogeographic Zones of India" is a awarded by the Govt. of Rajasthan by Civil Service Puraskar during 2013. Dr. Sharma is recipient of many prestigious awards, honour and fellowships; few of them are: 1985: Strecey Prize for Wildlife Management (S.F.R.C.,Coimbatore, T.N.), 1986: Dr. Gorakh Pradesh Puraskar (Allahabad), 1990: Akhil Bhartiya Vaniki Puraskar (Dehradun), 1994: Rotary Paryavaran Puraskar (Udaipur), 1995: Van Palak Puraskar (Jaipur, Govt. of Rajasthan), 1996: Vaniki Lekhan Puraskar (Jaipur, Govt. of Rajasthan), 1997: Vigyan Vachaspati(Allahabad) and Dr. Salim Ali Wildlife National Felloship (Govt. of India), 1998: Indira Pariyadarshini Vrikhsa Mitra Puraskar (New Delhi, Govt. of India), 1999: Medini Puraskar (New Delhi, Govt. of India) and Indian Forester Awarded (Dehradun), 2000: Dr. Ratna Kumari Medal (Allahbad), 2006: Medini Puraskar (New Delhi, Govt. of India), 2008: Paryavaran Mitra (Udaipur), 2009: Jheel Mitra (Udaipur) and honored by INTACH for conservation of natural heritage of Rajasthan (Udaipur), 2013: Rajasthan Civil Service Puraskar (Jaipur, Govt. of Rajasthan), 2014: Mirja Raja Ram Singh Award (City Palace Jaipur) Dr. Sharma is life member of many organization like Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai; Vigyan Parishad, Allahabad; Vigyan; Vigyan Parishad, Mumbai; Society of Bionaturalists, Bhopal; Society of Applied Ornithology, Hyderabad; Zoo Outreach Organisation, Coimbatore; Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine. Udaipur; The Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage; Bappa Shri Narayan Vocational Vigyan Parishad, Lucknow; Association for Plant Taxonomy, Dehradun etc. All India Writers Association, Chennai has nominated him as its fellow


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