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Resolving The Impasse


ISBN: 9788179065785
ISBN 9788179065785
Name of Authors Mamta Arora
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2016
Pages 95
Language English

Have we not come to such an impass in the modern world that every moment our minds are in a state of confusion? Every person is forgetting about his true self due to this matrialistic world. Resolve the Impassel! Is truly a powerful guide that will inspire you and lift your spirit. This book emphasizes on how great thought can motivate one's life. It reminds each person of their potential hidden within them. All you need to do is know yourself and break down the boundaries that are road blocks in your path. Whoever your are, where ever you are and may be in any situation, this book will help you in moving forward in life and it will change your view towards life.


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