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The Typical Indian Personality: As Perceived By Indians


ISBN: 2095
ISBN 2095
Name of Authors Indu Dave
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1984
Pages 70
Language English

The exploratory research reported in this booklet aims at initiating a systematic approach towards the study of Indian Personality with the ultimate purpose of planning valid Counselling Programmes for Indian individuals. A cross section of experienced scholars/professional workers from various walks of life were interviewed by the author. Their responses about the special characteristics of an Indian Personality, along with the possible effects of developmental background forces which may have been influential in its formation and function, were analysed. The results of obtaind data have been reported in a concise manner. It is expected that the report will motivate professional workers in the field of Counselling to plan and execute culture-based progeammed of Personnel Services for individuals of this country. Although the research was planned with the ultimate purpose of formulation a valid basis for Counselling Programmes, the report should prove to be useful for profesional workers in various fields which specifically deal with human behaviour and aim at providing scientific assistance to indiciduals with there development. The booklet, therefore, may be also used as a reference material by students and personnel in areas of Education, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Medicine, Law etc.

Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Dave is a retired Professor of Education from the Vidhya Bhawan Teacher's College, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. After remaining associated with the post-graduate and research section of the college for five years under the UGC Scheme of Utilization of Services of Outstanding Retired Teachers, she is currently attaches to the same college with a Senior Fellowship from the ICSSR. Dr. Dave's interests, talents and competencies cover a very comprehensive range. She holds Master's and Doctor's degrees in Education, with specialization in Guidance and Counselling from the Universities of Michigan and Georgia, USA; she completed her post doctrol programme in Counselling Psychology from UCLA, California, USA. She has earned a Master's degree in Hindi and Sangeet Vasharad in Vocal Music. Along with her experience as Professor of Education for twenty-three years, and a school teacher for two years during her regular service period, she also worked as a Counselling Psychologist and Field Assessment Officer for the first All-India In Training Peace Corps Programme of the USA. Dr. Dave is associated with several professional organizations in India and abroad and has also served on the President;s Permanent Commission for framing Technical Terminology in Hindi. She is the author of various books and articles written in both Hindi and English.


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