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Towards Social Mobility


ISBN: 9788179061886
ISBN 9788179061886
Name of Authors Mridula Trivedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2007
Pages 170
Language English

The focus of this book is an migration, social mobility and stratification of the Bhil Society of Tribal Sub Plan Area. The Static nature and homogeneity in Bhil Society has now become a thing of the past. Throughout history theirmigration was the outcome of famine and war. After independence, constitutional safeguards helped them for it to get education and government jobs. Scarcity of land also forced the tribals to migrate. Migration helped some of the tribals families improving social status. Hence, the social mobility observed among the tribals has surely given the tribals a new status. Homegeneous society is connecting into heterogeous society. The problem of migration, mobility and stratification assumes greater importance it it is examined from the perspectice of tribal identity.

Mridula Trivedi is senior lecturer in the Post Graduate Department of Sociology, Government Meera Girls College, Udaipur. She has been actively Involved in teaching and research. She has completed research projects sponsored by University Grant Commission and Tribal Research Institute (Tribal Commissioner Department). She also served in Tribal Research Institute and organized many research and training programmes for the tribal people and also edited TRIBE-a quartely journal of national repute during 1990 - 93


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