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Textbook Of Extension Education


ISBN: 59102
ISBN 59102
Name of Authors P.M.Khan
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2002
Pages 295
Language English

This book has been specially written to serve as a Textbook for Extension Education in agriculture, home science, animal science and related disciplines, in all agricultural colleges and universities in India and other developing countries. It shall also serve as an important role in the extension education programmes of various related Govt. departments, NGOs and all those connected with the technology development and transfer of technology/. There are thirten chapters in this book dealing with all aspects of extension education:- * Extension Education-concepts and Principled * Teaching and Learning-concepts and Principles. * Psychology in Extension Education * Extension Teaching Methods and Audio-Visual Aids * Communication and Adoption of Innovations * Programme Planning in Extension Education * Administration and Supervision in Extension Education * Youth Work in Extension Education * Rural Sociology in Extension Education * Journalism and Public Speaking in Extension Education * Approaches, Programmes and Systems of Extension Education in India. * Research and Evaluation in Extension Education. Many innovative concepts in extension education ahve also been incorporated in the book.

Dr. P.M. Khan, obtained his B.S.c (Agriculture), 1975 from University of Udaipur (Raj.); M.Sc. (Agri Ext,) 1978 from Allahabad Agriculturals Institute, Allahabad University of Allahabad and Ph.D. (Agri. Exr.) 1985 from Sukhadia Uiversity Udaipur (Raj.) Dr. Khan. currently Associate Professor (Agri. Ext. Edu) Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, writies from a background of long and varied practical experience as a farmer, extension educatio worker, teacher and administrator.


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