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The Man From Main Street & The Jazz Age


ISBN: 9788179062593
ISBN 9788179062593
Name of Authors Tarana parveen
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2011
Pages 180
Language English

It is an interdisciplinary study and gives a fresh interpretition of Sinclair Lewis's thematic concern in a specific context. The five novels of Sinclair Lewis - Main Street (1920), Babbitt (1922), Arrowsmith (1925), Elmer Gantry (1927) and Dodsworth (1929) have been put to an indepth analysis with particular reference to social, political and economic issues during the Ninteen-twenties, The study has been carried against two bacjground (a) the location as American Mid-West in the Ninteen-twenties, (b) prevalent social and political ideas particularly the influence of Thoreau, Veblen and Menckem. The book has taken into account relevant contemporary writings.


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