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Stress & Managerial Problems In The Employees


ISBN: 9788179065440
ISBN 9788179065440
Name of Authors Rathore
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2015
Pages 75
Language English

This research shows that a large number of bankers are facing high stress because of their job and the reasons behind this stress include long working hours, inproper reward systems, lack of job autonomy, organizational culture, role conflict etc. and the main reason is lake of management support to employees. The employees can notice a number of symptoms indicating high level stress among them. Howeve if these symptoms are not noticed in early stage, they can cause serious health problems among employees such as depression, heart problems, diabetes etc. Not only health but personal life of bankers are also being affected beacuse of high job stress, most employees are unable to spend time at home or with family. However, with the help of proper management techniques by management, the bankers stress level can be reduced to great extent. The type of research conducted is 'Causal' as this research between factors causing stress and their impact on banker's personal life and health.


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