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Peace Education And Social Cohesion


ISBN: 9788179064740
ISBN 9788179064740
Name of Authors Chittora
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2015
Pages 102
Language English

We are living in the 21st century known as the knowledge century. More than thirty years ago, Alvin Toffler with his sharp intellect had visualized the future world and predicted, "Mind power will rule the world in this century, not the muscle and money". How the mind power is rulling the world is evident to all of us. Consequently, all of us feel disheartened and even horrified to see the kind of violent acts the man is committing against the man and the nature. It is sad to observe that we are living in an era of unprecedented violence in the form of terrorism, war, crimes, injustice and anxiety and exploitation. The present phenomenon is not spreading the message of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" but is giving the negative message of violence, heartedness and selfishness to the world. The cardinal question is what to do in such a situation?' To get an authentic and reliable answer to this important question, we should look to education because it is the only tool to bring about a desirable change and peace in the world. In this context, the two consecutive International Conference on "Role of Teacher Education Institution Promoting Culture of Peace" and "Promoting Social Cohesion through Peace Education", were organized at Lokmanay Tilak Teacher Training College, Dabok, Udaipur on Feb 19-21, 2010 and March 25-27, 2011. This provided a platform to international and National scholars, educationists, and teacher educators to cometogether and share their perceptions of educations for peace. The learned and distinguishedparticipants discussed a range of issues includinf promotion of peace culture socialcohesion and peace education, and the role of teacher education institutionsfor peace ? education.We have published selected papers of the said conferences inthe form this book. We hope this collection of papers will surely prove to be auseful document for teacher-educators, teachers, scholars, policy planners andsociety in creating awareness as well as making academic and pedagogicalefforts for promoting the culture of peace across the globe.It is a matter of greatpride and huge honor to us for dedicating this book to our founder Pt. JanadranRai Nagar to mark the centenary of his birth. He was, in fact, a greatindigenous thinker, educationist, literary figure, social reformer andvisionary who lived his whole life for the cause of education, equality,freedom, democracy, social justice, peace and harmon


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